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If you live or run a business in a big city, there is a quite big chance of a burglary at your property.

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Wireless security system Bundles (Sensors and alarms)
8 pcs kit 14 pcs Custom kit 15 pcs
$311 $600 up to $1,000

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* All installation costs depend on the project conditions and material pricing. The rates include cameras, all additional equipment and installation HST Excluded

Our equipment allows us to monitor your home and detect intruders, smoke or carbon monoxide

We use both wired and wireless smart home security systems:

  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Wireless Control Panel
  • Keychain Remote
  • Glass Break Sensor
  • Motion Sensor
  • Door and Window Sensor
  • Smoke and Heat Detector
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • And more!


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Security Systems For Homes

 Smart security systems for homes
What should your alarm do? To scare off thieves? To warn about smoke or carbon monoxide? To call the police? Protecting personal property is an essential and urgent task for every owner.

It does not matter what kind of real estate it is – an apartment, an office, a large cottage, or a garage. Each of these objects requires adequate protection, which will prevent theft and damage to valuable things for the owner. Choose one of our security systems for homes from the catalog.

What Do We Do For Your Security?

The main specialization of our company is the delivery, project development, installation, and service of security systems.

On the Canadian market, including Toronto GTA, Niagara region, and Southern Ontario, CybersmartHUB positions itself as a representative of the highest quality security systems products. All our partner companies are reliable equipment suppliers. Thanks to the careful selection of companies, you can always count on exclusively modern technologies and high quality.

How To Choose SOS Alarm System?

 GSM alarm kit in Southern Ontario
Buying a home alarm system is a choice in favor of a modern security system that you can control remotely. Our store presents an extensive range of alarm systems of the GSM standard. Using the store’s catalog and the consultation of certified installers, you can choose the alarm that suits you, meeting the operating conditions and the type of protected object.

What Types Of GSM Alarms Are Most In Demand?

  • Security home alarm system in the apartment, equipped with control devices, appliances, and a notification system;
  • Security GSM alarm for home and office for flood protection;
  • Security GSM alarm for home and office, fire and carbon monoxide protection;
  • Wired and wireless GSM security bundles.

The basic security kit can be upgraded by adding various security sensors. The equipment optimally protects private houses, apartments, and office premises. The alarm allows you to connect up to 100 devices, which provides adequate protection of the object on the territory within a radius of up to 2000 m of open space.

Installation Of Security Systems

Certified installers do their job quickly and efficiently
The selection of security equipment for installation in a house or apartment differs from the usual office models. It’s all about the specifics of residential premises, whether some pets or tenants do not have a regular work schedule. Then the choice of sensors and other components will be discussed with each client. Among the recommended installation options are:

  • Motion sensors;
  • Window opening sensors;
  • Alarm system for the hallway area.

As for functionality, we are ready to install and configure alarms of any complexity. We use wired and wireless smart home security systems and cover a vast area of Southern Ontario, including Toronto, Brampton, York, Peel, Niagara, and Hamilton areas.

The Main Advantage of Security Alarms

The advantage of GSM security alarms for the home is that their installation saves the owners of the protected object from the need to pay regularly for the object’s security services. Practically all home security alarm systems are equipped with motion sensors, sound alarms, door and window opening sensors, window integrity sensors, and remote control panels.

The number and types of sensors can be selected under the protected object.

How Does A Security Alarm Work?

Alarm system secures your home
Security alarm system for home, garage, office, and other properties in case of the reaction of any of the sensors installed in the system, activates the action of the siren and immediately signals about it to the users.

A report in the form of a short text message or a phone call with a voice report is sent to the mobile phone numbers recorded in the system program.

Alarm models equipped with a surveillance camera also send a multimedia message with a photo report to the house, shop, or garage owners.

How Much Does The Alarm Kit Cost?

The cost of the alarm depends on your needs, namely on what you buy – only one sensor or an alarm kit. You can find out all the prices on the site CybersmartHUB.

Why Choose Us?

We are not tied to one brand. That is why we can recommend the most optimal solution to our clients according to their needs and capabilities.

Technologies do not stand still. They develop rapidly, and we move forward together with them. In the assortment of equipment used at your facility, you will find all the latest safety products that are functional and fully comply with the standards adopted in Canada.

Our main principle in working with the customer is complete trust and mutual respect. Each order is executed according to an individual scheme. The staff is high-class professionals with vast experience in security systems.

You can entrust us with the most valuable – your safety!

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