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We offer a wide range of products to suit your needs and match your budget from installing dimmable lights to fit into your interior design to setting up and integrating your smart devices and appliances.

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Manage your devices from the smartphone: Pre-heat or pre-cool your indoors temperature before coming home, save on energy by switching off lights if you forgot to do so. Make your home accessible from your sofa or your workplace, wherever you are


Control your home with your voice. Say a simple: “Good Morning!” and watch your blinds rise or TV switch on a particular channel, switch lights on and off or dim them when watching a movie without getting up.

Control Panel

Consolidate all your controls on a central wall mount touch screen console – Coming Soon!

We install and integrate top Smart Home brands to suit your needs

Lighting Automation

We can personalize your lighting settings, allowing you to tailor your lighting differently in any room. With a single button or command, you can set a unique atmosphere for your apartment. Lighting can be programmed to change according to the different times of the day. There are also main benefits like energy and cost-saving, security and safety of your home.

Home Temperature Control System

Network-controlled thermostats allow you to program and control your system remotely. Based on the time of the day you can set different temperatures or modes for your Air conditioning/heating system. Set up schedules to save on energy, pre-heat or pre-cool your home while away.

Video Surveillance System

Nowadays it is vital to ensure the security and safety of your home and beloved ones. Our wide-range camera systems will allow you to access, monitor and store video of your property easily. You can view your home from any device while away and react to an intrusion instantly.

WIFI Networking

No more wires! Our WIFI system uses radio frequency signals instead of wire connections. WIFI signal can be picked up by any compatible device. We can establish an equal and stable WIFI signal in every room of your home.

Security Access Control

Make sure that your home is protected with new high-end smart lock systems. You can access a live video view from your door and control the lock remotely. See who is at your door via a smart doorbell and answer the ring from wherever you are.


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The Best Smart Home Installers Near Me

Smart home installation in Canada
Are you tired of solving household tasks? Our Smart Home solutions will take care of it!

The system will guess your wishes and adapt to your mood. It will provide security and safety while you are not at home, organize a comfortable temperature in the room, prevent gas or water leaks, and notify you about them. The modern market of security systems offers a wide selection of innovative solutions. CybersmartHUB is a team of the best Smart Home installers near me in Niagara, Toronto GTA, including Hamilton, Brampton, and other surrounding areas.

What To Expect From Smart Home?

A smart home is an intelligent wireless system based on a control program. The program, in turn, manages the house and monitors the operation of various household appliances and engineering systems. It can control curtains, blinds, gates or different engineering elements, electrical appliances, security, air conditioning, and ventilation systems.

The operation of any of these systems is to collect information from peripheral devices – sensors and transfer it to the central control panel of the system to send it to the homeowner and security organizations.

Tasks Your Smart Home Can Solve

Control the house with a touch panel
The main tasks of the Smart Home program installation are comfort, electricity-saving, security, continuity, and premises automation.


  • Turn the cameras and alarm on with one press on your smartphone;
  • Access control at several levels (for children, friends, staff);
  • Sending information about the house security on your smartphone or tablet.


  • Controlling the house systems with your smartphone, voice commands, or touch panels without leaving your sofa;
  • Switch appliances on and off with one press;
  • Different light and heating scenarios (time, temperature, light level, movement).

Energy Saving

  • Management of individual heating circuits (disconnection when no one is at home);
  • Determining the operating time of electrical appliances;
  • Heating management under different weather conditions;
  • Turning off household appliances (iron, light, sockets).


  • Various heating programs;
  • Vacation mode;
  • Arrival/departure scenarios (the functions of a specific user are activated);
  • Dependence on sensors (heating will be turned off when the window is opened).

Basic Variants Of Home Security Systems

Security video surveillance in Ontario

Security Alarm

Modern cameras have many settings. They can track movements only outside the territory and set the switching time on and off. Infrared sensors can assist surveillance cameras. When motion is detected, they send a signal to the nearest tracking camera, activating its rotation in the direction where the object is detected.

Security Video Surveillance

The video surveillance system collects recordings of surveillance cameras and accumulates them for viewing. As a rule, such systems record data from each camera and display it at the user’s request on a computer or TV screen. The camera will soon repay its cost – you can track the appearance of unwanted or suspicious persons near your home and warn of impending danger in time.

Fire Protection System

This system should work around the clock in any home. It also includes a rich arsenal of monitoring sensors that react to a critical rapid increase in space temperature and smoke’s appearance.

Access Control System

The latest automatic control and door opening systems are equipped with sensors for reading fingerprints, the eye’s retina, facial features, voice timbre, and intonation analyzers.

Smart Control

You can control your home from your smartphone or with your voice. Make your home accessible from your sofa or your workplace, wherever you are

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  • We provide an official guarantee for our works and products;
  • Good discounts for prepaid clients;
  • There is a unique discount program for regular customers;
  • You can always contact our service and technical support. Our certified installers are available 24/7;
  • Install and integrate top brands you can trust to.

The Smart House system is an opportunity available to everyone!

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